Blogging for Real Estate Agents (Yes, That’s Still a Thing)

If blogging seems quaint ? or worse, antiquated ?? to you, you couldn’t be more wrong. The very fact that you’re reading this sentence is proof that blogging works for real estate professionals.

The Basics

Almost every website platform allows site managers to create a blog. If you have a website on your own or through your brokerage, setting up a blog should be simple ?? most providers will show you exactly how to do so. If you don’t have access to creating a blog on your site itself, there are loads of free and low-cost outlets that will be glad to host your blog. WordPress is the general favorite, for its ease of setup, free sticker price, myriad themes and backdrops, and ease of use.

Your Niche

Blogging is about brand identity. It is yet another platform from which you can reach out and provide value to clients, prospects, and curios browsers. Your blog is a place for you to talk about your niche corner of the market, and a great place for you to talk about neighborhoods, trends, economic factors, and everything else that homebuyers and sellers want to know.

Put Video On It

Today’s blog sites like WordPress or Blogger have big buttons to show you how and where to place video links. Link to videos you have posted to YouTube or Vimeo, and you should see a screen capture that allows visitors to watch your videos right on your site.

Make It Pretty, Keep It Pretty

Few things about online business are sadder than an ugly blog page that’s full of bad formatting, bad photos, and broken links. Maintaining your blog is a lot like keeping up with the yard work. Mowing the lawn isn’t exactly exciting, but without it, your backyard will look more like a jungle.

Update your photos, make sure links still work, and make sure your blog is consistently formatted. In other words, don’t have different fonts and sizes for different headlines. Remember, your blog is where your clients and leads will get to know you online?? make sure you’re presenting them a good image.

And keep your blog updated. People will notice if the last time you posted was three months ago.

Mind Your Manners

It’s all good for you to mention what’s good in your professional life, but people hate braggarts and blowhards. Likewise, despite the popularity of internet trolls, people are usually turned off by vitriol. Don’t badmouth your competition or anyone else. Stick to what’s good for you and what will benefit the people reading.

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