Tips for New Real Estate Agents in 2015

Whatever has brought you to the real estate profession, welcome. Here’s a few tips to help make your new career a long and prosperous one. Be Nice to Everyone Yes, my fellow agent, it starts as simply as that. Real estate is chock full of bores and louts and...

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10 Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail

There’s no shortage of ways for you to talk yourself out of success. And if that’s what you’re looking for, consult these reasons why so many agents don’t succeed.  No Plan Treasure maps give directions for a reason, else you’ll be wandering around out there,...

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Real Estate Business Plans with Purpose

Everybody ?? including us ?? extols the virtues of making a business plan. But there’s a difference between writing one and writing one with purpose.  Know Why Purpose begins with answering this disarmingly complicated question: Why do you do what you do? Asking this...

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Build Your (Meaningful) Real Estate Brand

Branding and how to do it well changes about as often as the technology you’re using to do it in the first place. The good news is, the basics are still the same. And building meaningful brands is within your reach. Know What You Mean by ‘Brand’ Your brand is not your...

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Become a Real Estate Expert in 2015

However you build your brand and your image, at the top of it, you want clients to see you as an expert. You want people to think of you first when they think of residential homes or commercial properties or anything else. Narrow Your Focus You can be an expert in...

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Real Estate Promotion Starts with PR

So much of your real estate business relies on how well you market and promote yourself. So why not follow some of the tried and true practices that public relations professionals use to get the word out about themselves and their clients? Have a press kit (or two) If...

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Start and Grow Your Real Estate Career With Us

Agents are discovering VIP Realty’s unique approach to systems, lead generation, branding and client retention. And, of course, there is our online leads system – as many as you can handle (and no cold calling EVER). Whether you’re a newcomer to real estate or a veteran who wants to grow your business, VIP Realty’s proven career building practices and in-house support system are sure to help you achieve success!