Lead Generation

No Lead Phone Number? No Problem

Selling real estate two decades ago was almost impossible if you didn’t have a lead’s phone number. The best you could have was someone’s postal address as the age of emails had not yet dawned. “Do not call” regulations also reduced the effectiveness of cold calling....

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Real Estate Lead Generation Myths

If there’s one thing agents sure get a lot of it’s advice. The problem is, it’s not always good or accurate, particularly when it’s based on commonly held myths. Like so: Myth: All you need is traffic Fact: Unless you have some setup that allows you to make money...

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Grow Your Sphere of Influence

Success in any business relies more on word of mouth than anything. People trust referrals from people they already know well. But just like leads or agents, not all referrers are created equal. While it’s always good to build relationships with people who tell others...

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How to Achieve Open House Success

It’s always debatable whether open houses are an effective way to market a property. However, chances are the people who say open houses are not an effective marketing tool likely never put the time and effort into ensuring they are successful. As such, here are a few...

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Start and Grow Your Real Estate Career With Us

Agents are discovering VIP Realty’s unique approach to systems, lead generation, branding and client retention. And, of course, there is our online leads system – as many as you can handle (and no cold calling EVER). Whether you’re a newcomer to real estate or a veteran who wants to grow your business, VIP Realty’s proven career building practices and in-house support system are sure to help you achieve success!