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Single Property Websites ?? Use Them Properly

A single property website is just what it sounds like, but shouldn’t be confused with a single web page on one site. A single property website features a single home, property, or parcel on a unique domain. Typically, the website address is the address of the property itself, i.e. This, of course, can provide […]

Top 7 Real Estate Apps

If you’ve been searching for a new place to live, you don’t have to hunt through newspapers, or spend hours visiting agencies so you can find your files… Technology has made things easy… With your Smartphone, you can easily hunt for homes from the comfort of your bedroom. All you need is to download Iphone […]

New Lead Managment System Upgrade

VIP Realty is updating our Lead Management System!! 🙂   What’s new in 4.2…   Sender Settings for Form Auto-Responders: When setting up form auto-responders, the sender can be set to one of three options: Super Admin, Assigend Agent, or Custom. This allows for much more control over who the auto-responder will be sent from. […]

Google Analytics For Realtors

Google Analytics can provide any real estate professional with a great deal of information about his or her present or future customers. As a result, it is the service of choice for real estate professionals who want to key in on their customers and really understand what makes them tick. Google Analytics is a practical […]