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Real Estate BloggerIt may be obvious to say, but content marketing starts with top-notch content. And that means content that gets clients and potential clients engaged. But you can’t just do all the talking, you must get the people you want to reach to talk to you in return.

But how and where do you do that, and how do you cut through the ever-increasing chatter across all the technology platforms available today? Consider the following:

Know Your Audience

The oldest piece of advice in marketing is around for a reason. Before you try to reach your desired clients, you need to know who they are. Do you want to reach buyers? Sellers? Developers? Businesses? Service professionals? Zero in on your intended audience early and you will be able to …

Write Meaningful Content

Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Instagram, and other social accounts are incredibly far-reaching tools. But ask yourself ?? would you do business with someone who only posted photos of their lunch and only talked about their girlfriend? Or would you be more likely to engage a business that provides relevant content? For Realtors, photos of properties sold, info-graphics on the latest real estate trends, and blogs that explain the character of a neighborhood ?? i.e., is it fun for families, ideal for those looking for peace and quiet, etc ?? can make an immediate impact on those considering a new area. Just remember, communication is a two-way street, so …

Get Them to Interact

You know those little comment boxes you see on blogs? The ubiquitous LOLs on Facebook? The re-tweets on Twitter? These things mean that people are not just reading your Real Estate Social Mediacontent. They’re reacting to it, sharing it, re-posting it, and giving you their thoughts. To get this kind of interaction, your content needs to be engaging. Write down several problems and solutions; questions and answers. The kind homebuyers and homesellers have and need to know the answers to. If you can answer their questions before they ask, they will quickly become engaged by your conversation starters. And you can reach many more people if you …

Publish Your Content Widely

To get your content to larger audiences, take advantage of  the reposting platforms offered through websites such as LinkedIn, GooglePlus and Trulia. Publish your work on your website and then create a teaser to post through social media sites that link back to your original post. It will spread the word and drive traffic to your site, where readers can explore more of your top-notch content. And don’t forget to do this on Facebook and Twitter, which essentially syndicate your content to the whole world.

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