REALTORS – Email Marketing Works ?? So Why Aren’t You Using It?

In this age of social media, where every sales and marketing guru (justifiably) touts the need to be on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it might be easy to overlook our tried-and-true friend, email. Email, if you think about it, was the world’s original social media platform, and it remains, according to leading marketing firm Exact Target, the number one way people, in life and in business, share ideas, talk, and share photos and information online.

The applications for real estate brokers and salespeople is obvious ?? email marketing should absolutely be part of your overall strategy. Here are a few ways to make your email address work for you:

1. Promote With Updates

Knowing who’s who on your list of prospects is key. If you know the clients who are just browsing from those who are actively looking (and, even better, where they’re looking and what they’re looking for), you can potentially turn your email account into a lucrative sales platform by simply emailing newly listed properties. Surprisingly, a lot of agents don’t take the time to do this ?? and leaving your clients to their own research could easily lead them to listings on other websites where other, more proactive agents will scoop up their business.

Similarly, just-sold announcements to serious members of your client book can motivate buyers to want to work with you. After all, wouldn’t you rather work with someone who can claim a regular track record of closings than with someone who doesn’t even make it clear that they’ve ever sold a property?

2. News(letters) You Can Use

Another time-tested (and extremely effective) marketing method for real estate pros and many other businesspeople is the email newsletter. Yet, like market updates, a startling number of real estate pros aren’t using newsletters to keep their clients informed. Newsletters help new clients build trust with you and see you in action as a professional. For established clients, newsletters keep you on their minds. But don’t email promotional materials disguised as newsletters. Remember, customers love to buy but hate to be sold. Fill your newsletter with helpful hints for the house and fun facts about the neighborhood and what to do nearby with the family. You might just get one of your clients to recommend you to a friend who’s looking to move to the area.

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3. Special Offers

Prospects are very educated and savvy these days. So how can you help them make their decisions? Try sending your prospects special offers ?? services you or your business partners (like repair professionals or valuators) can supply for a discount. Provide them with market overviews or neighborhood trends. Just don’t overdo it, or they’ll feel bombarded. Used wisely, you can generate a lot of leads and new sales from a well-orchestrated email marketing plan.

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