How To Create Engaging Real Estate Website Content

If you want to build a website that keeps the leads coming in, then you must devote time to content creation.

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You might wonder or ask questions like: ‘’Why do I need to devote time to create content?’’

Good question. But the truth is, a content rich website will help you sell in your absence.

Not only does it establish you as a proven expert, it also helps you find new, buying prospects.

If you don’t have  a website, get one!

But if you’ve one, here’re some proven tips to guide you on what type of content should be on your real estate website

Go Social…

Real Estate Social MediaThere’s no point creating content that people can’t read or access.

After creating content, the first thing you should do is install the WordPress Sociable Plugin

This WordPress plugin makes  it easy for visitors to click and share your content.

Word of mouth sells properties…..Never under-estimate the power of social media.

Social media is a great way  to get referrals without meeting people or breaking ypur bank account.

Tip:  end each of your blog post with this sentence:

‘’If you like this article, pass it on to your friends and loved ones using the share buttons below’’

Now, that’s a great twist on word of mouth referrals!


Keeps Ads Off Your Website (It’ll Kill Your Business).

Yes! Keep ads off your website.

Ads can be a turn-off to your clients. It could destroy your reputation.

It makes it hard for prospects to navigate through your website. And keeps them from reading your content. This could kill your business.

Keep Your Clients Up-To-Date With Industry News…

Your customers want to know if interest rates are high.

They want to know everything happening in the real estate market.

They want to know if it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market. They don’t have the time to scour through Newspapers or spend hours surfing the web for information.

They’re busy.

Do them a favor by keeping them informed with industry news…

Tip: your customers will be grateful if you create a solid article on a industry related  topic. This may spark up conversations and could get you a sale. Who knows?

Try it! It doesn’t hurt to try.

Back up Your Content With Videos

VIP Video BannerRemember, real estate clients are busy folks.

These are people who work 9 to 5 day jobs. Some don’t even live around.

Try as much as possible to back up your content with videos…

The more properties are visible on your website, the higher the possibility of landing a new client.

Tip: don’t underestimate the power of videos. They’re more effective than written content.

Remember to keep your real estate website updated with solid content and relevant industry related news…

Make it an information portal for real estate clients…


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