Enhance Your Real Estate Lead Generation

There may be lots of truths in business, but the biggest truth for real estate agents is, if you don’t generate leads, you won’t make any money. You need new leads and you need them consistently. And you can spend a lot of money trying to find them. But you don’t always have to.

Be In It for the Long Haul

Were you hoping for a quick way to make millions? So is everyone else, and you’ll all have about the same amount of success. The best way to generate and replenish leads is to take the long-season approach. The good part about this is that it’s about the simplest concept in marketing ?? create a daily marketing plan like posting a new blog or a new YouTube video. The bad part is, most agents will give up in a little while because it’s a big commitment. But if you can stick with it, these simple, individual marketing stones add up to a mighty mountain.


Count Higher Than One

A major shortcoming in lead generating strategies is having only one thing going at one time, such as a squeeze page on your website. That’s fine, but hardly enough. You don’t get a college degree with just one class, do you? Incorporate many arms in your lead generation: PPC, press releases, blogs, video, guest posts, calls to action. Put together these entities can make a powerful combo.

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Learn to Cut the Fat

Not all lead generation ideas work. Some outright stink, some used to work, and some will work in short, erratic bursts. Learn to recognize the dogs for what they are. Sometimes you can salvage a poorly performing idea, and other times you couldn’t save it with an ambulance. Let it go, it’s causing you more work for less return.

Leverage Your Exposure










If you’re fortunate enough to get yourself interviewed for a high-profile outlet, what are you going to do with the interview? Leave it to the magazine to promote it? Or promote it yourself? Maybe even see if you can secure nonexclusive rights to give it away as part of your email marketing? The point is, use what works in as many ways as possible. If you’re a genius, let the world know about it (because they won’t just look around for geniuses on their own and happen across you).

Remember the Basics

The basics are the basics for a reason. They work. No matter what technology does anything, the fundamentals are the same, and that works for lead generation too. The basics are to have a great offer, get people to see the offer, and get people to take you up on your offer. Keep that in mind when you’re working on your sales.











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