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Lead GenerationBuilding new leads through building relationships is the foundation of lead generation. But let’s not forget that you don’t want to build just any old leads, you want to build a list of people who will hire you or buy your services. And while you don’t always want to be talking about money (a sure way to turn people off in a hurry), you do want to cultivate people who are likely to become your clients, and sometimes that takes some assertiveness.

Put Prospects to Work for You

You spend a lot of effort getting your blog content right. But you don’t just want people to read it and leave, you want them to share it. Shared content can generate leads in a hurry if they go to the right people, so make sure you give people a chance to share your content with their own circles. Put a “share on” link on your blog that lets readers repost to Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else. If you have relevant, helpful content that answers questions prospective buyers or sellers may have, your database of prospects can increase quickly.

Make Them an Offer

You’re in business to make money, so don’t be shy about making the offer up front. On your website’s landing page or thank-you page, make a soft offer for your services ?? maybe a free consultation about selling the house or a link to your 99-cent e-book on things you need to know when selling a home. These offers won’t themselves make you any real money, but they will accomplish two important things. First, they will weed out people looking to collect freebies without any intention of hiring you. Second, they will give you the names of people who are serious about what you have to offer. People who are only interested in finding free stuff won’t bother to invest even 99 cents or take you up on a phone chat. So the people who do take you up on such offers are automatically more serious about what you have to offer.

Freebies Work, but Only if They’re Valuable

You’ve seen and been pitched countless freebies in exchange for signing up for a newsletter online. But the thing is, this approach works wonders. Offer “bait” in exchange for contact information brings in people who are interested in what you have to say. The trick is, you have to offer people something of value. “Top 5” tips articles don’t really work so well these days (everyone has those and they’re always the same five tips anyway), but say you have a how-to piece that lets homebuyers know ways to save money on a mortgage. Someone who signs up for your blog or newsletter in exchange for that publication is considering buying. And isn’t that the kind of lead you want to cultivate?

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