Go Hyper-local with Your Content

You know the oldest adage in real estate: location, location, location. Well, that’s note just some trite old chestnut, it’s the cornerstone of the entire industry. The reason people want to live in specific areas is because the area offers them something they want.

So when you’re looking to reach people who are looking to buy, sell, move, or set up a business, what better way to connect with them than to talk about the local market? Actually, there’s an answer to that ?? the better way is to zero in on the neighborhoods and areas you most want to sell in and create dynamite hyper-local content that lets prospective clients know what these areas have to offer.

Use Solid Data

When someone wants to by a home, they want answers to real questions, not platitudes. They want to know about the neighborhood, the crime rate, the schools, the nearby shopping and amenities, etc. Use some of the many free online metrics and tools, such as AreaVibes, which ranks the livability scores of almost every municipality in the U.S. Sites like AreaVibes can tell you, for example that Sugar Land or Bunker Hill are among Houston’s best areas. NeighborhoodScout.com will give you a heat map of the safest and best neighborhoods of any city or area (as in, you can see that Camp Wisdom Road is one of the safest areas in the DFW Metroplex).

VIP Video BannerUse Video

The secret is out. YouTube is a success, and people like to watch videos. YouTube, in fact, is second only to Google itself in the number of searches people do when they want information and how-to videos. Use the power of video to leverage your listings and your knowledge. With video, you can give tours of homes you have listed, or start a ‘vlog,” where you talk directly to prospective clients about the hot nightlife in Bayou City or the beautiful parks and gardens in and around Fort Worth. Try a basic search yourself and see what we mean. Type in “Austin real estate” and you’ll be met with dozens of videos, some by everyday people and some by professionals such as yourself, discussing the good and bad and all in between of the Austin market. Now look at the number of views ?? and let us reiterate: Video works.

Don’t Always Sell

Yes, you’re in business and yes, you need to sell. But constant sales people who only look as if they’re out for money will turn people off. When zeroing in on the hyper-local appeal, you must be an active part of the community you serve. And that means doing more than just listing local houses and making the rounds at networking events. Volunteer to help clean up the streets with the Houston Downtown Management District’s Street Team. Help set up or operate the Katy Trail 5k Run in Dallas. Take part in Austin’s My Park Day. It’ll do your business a lot of good and it will make you feel better.

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