Habits Of Successful Real Estate Agents

Let’s get this out of the way ?? there is no one way to be successful. Routes to success in real estate are as varied as the personalities of the agents.

That said, there are some common habits successful agents have, whether they’re larger-than-life extroverts or retiring, laid-back Type-Bs. What are those habits? Read on.

Successful Agents Respond Right Away

If you’ve read our blog posting about the 15-minute rule, you know how important it is within that time frame to get back to people who call you. Successful agents don’t even wait that long. They get an inquiry, they respond. Period. If they can’t call, they have email auto-responders that let leads know they’ll be right with them. And then they call.

Successful Agents Let Clients In On It

Nothing frustrates a homebuyer faster than a disappearing agent who never lets them know what’s happening. Successful agents always keep their clients in the loop and always keep the lines of communication open. Remember, you’re the expert on the sale process, not them. They need you for a reason, don’t leave them in the dark.

Successful Agents Hunt Leads Constantly

Sharp agents have more than one way to find leads, they don’t just wait for their listings to generate inquiries. Successful agents market and advertise, they attend community events, and they shake hands with everyone, whether people are looking or not. Leads come in at all times, and when someone decides they want to look for a home, you want to be the person they remember for a good reason.

Successful Agents Know the Neighborhood

Well, duh, right? Not so fast. You’d be stunned how many agents know nothing about an area they’re selling in. And guess where a lead will turn if she feels you don’t know what you’re talking about. Successful agents walk the beat. They eat at the diners and drive the streets and talk to the people where they sell. Top agents are never at a loss for answers to anything, from crime stats to where to get the best burger.

Successful Agents Keep Up with Technology

Old-school or new-school, technology has changed the real estate game and it will keep doing that forever. Successful agents embrace this. They carry their entire businesses in their smartphones and tablets, they know the apps and they know the latest online tools that will help them do better business. And they know where to find information about an area as fast as they need it.

Successful Agents Have Great Networks

Any real estate agent worth his/her salt knows the value of knowing a broad range of professionals that work in related fields. Smart agents know plumbers and electricians, tile layers and painters, landscapers and window hangers. They know where to rent equipment and they know the top business people in all kinds of fields in their areas. And, what’s more, successful agents know who is the best professional and who isn’t good ?? and they cut out bad professionals in a heartbeat.

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