How To Actually Use Facebook for Lead Generation

Social media has developed its own form of capital. Facebook has likes; Twitter has retweets, and so on. Unfortunately, though it’s nice to be liked, social media capital isn’t actual capital that you can run your business on.

Real estate agents are all over Facebook, as they should be, but so few of them know how to actually generate real, solid leads through the site. And on a site that claims hundreds of millions of members, this lack of understanding about how to use the site will simply not do.

Create Inbound Marketing

The basis of inbound marketing on Facebook is to create content that doesn’t just engage prospects and start conversations, but rather reels them in by aligning with their interests. Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and hoping for leads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that, according to HubSpot, aligns the content you publish with your customers’ interests. This organically attracts inbound traffic that you can then convert and close.

Run Targeted Ads

If you’re going to pay for advertising on Facebook, you have two options ?? Facebook’s basic Ad Create tool or its Power Editor for larger-scale advertising. Real estate agents who successfully build leads through highly targeted ads on Facebook generally rely on Power Editor, the site’s bulk ad creation and management tool for agents who want precise control of their campaigns.

What’s Your Call To Action?VIP Realty - Home Values

One of the most common shortcomings of any website or Facebook campaign is the lack of a call to action. You want visitors to do more than read and like your posts. You want them to take a specific action to contact you or visit your personal website or sign up for your newsletter. But they won’t do it if you don’t urge them to, so make sure your visitors know what you want them to do when they’re done viewing your posts.


Post Often. But Don’t Oversell Yourself

You’re a real estate agent, which means you can’t be shy about your success. You just need to be smart about blowing your own horn Post valuable content your visitors would enjoy ?? such as fun things to do in town or homeowner tips ?? three to five times a day, at all hours. But limit yourself to once every few days for self-promotion and testimonials. When in doubt, think of how you’d be annoyed if someone else was blasting you with never-ending self-praise.

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