REALTORS, Learn How to Avoid Dead Leads

Do you know how much time it takes to lose a lead? Fifteen minutes. If you wait 16 minutes, your odds of landing that prospect are dramatically reduced. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, agents who return a lead call within 15 minutes have an 85 percent chance of connecting with that lead. Hardly a meaningless statistic when you consider that three-quarters of those looking to buy a home will go with the first agent to get back to them.

Yes, 15 Minutes

Make the 15-minute rule your guiding principle when it comes to leads. Better yet, tell everyone in your office, all the time. Say it so often that you annoy each other with it. Make jokes about it if you have to. But live by it.

If You Can’t Call

Regardless how much people prefer not talking on the phone, the fact is, a phone call from a real estate agent is worth as much as the house a prospective client wants to buy. The fact that someone, a real person, called shows a lead that someone is willing to be there. But you can’t always call, of course.

If you have an email auto-response set up for leads, that’s fine. Just make sure it’s personable and real. No one wants a form letter response, especially when the end goal is to make the biggest investment of their lives. In a conversational tone, let them know you’ll call them soon, and offer them a chance to get to know you better ?? a free report on the neighborhood they seek, for example. People who feel like you care about them enough to respond personally become your clients.

Know How You’ll Proceed

However you get back to leads (which should, ultimately, include the phone), understand how you will maintain your relationship with them. In other words what’s your plan for staying in touch with them regularly? Don’t just mail a card and wait a month. Email with them routinely. Send them links to new properties similar to what they’re already searching. Give a call every now and again to see how it’s coming. The more personal you are with leads, the more likely they are to stay with you.

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