How To Create Videos That Sells Properties Like Nothing Else

What would you feel if I showed you a simple strategy to create videos that potential real estate buyers actually want to watch?

Sit back, and grab a cup of coffee as I reveal a dead, simple, tactic to create videos that sells properties like nothing else!

Use A Good Title

A descriptive title highlights and communicates essential information about  a property, to clients and forces them to watch.

For example: ‘’ Luxurious townhome with stunning views, or townhome for sale’

Which one resonates with you the most?

Tip: Be descriptive.

First Impression Counts… Use A Professional Cover Image

The cover image is your chance to build credibility. Select the best shot that showcases the property’s best quality. Get this right and you’re made!

Insert A Call To Action

This is your selling point.  Link your video directly to your listings home page or website address. Be specific as to what you want readers to do.

Do you want them to read on, or CLICK THE VIEW BUTTON?

Tip: Be specific.

Attract Viewers With Informative Videos

The best way to build credibility and make people trust you fast is by giving out free, valuable information.

You could create videos around topics like:


  • How to purchase a home
  • 7 steps to take before buying a real estate property
  • Eco-friendly building
  • Renovation tips
  • How short sales work

You could even create videos that feature interviews with real estate experts.

Most people don’t have the time to sit down and watch a 20 minute video.

So keep your video short and informative. Make it a 3-4 minute video so that it will appeal to a wider audience.


Create As Many Videos As Possible

The more videos you have posted on Youtube, the better chance you’ll have your website showing up in the first page of Google.

Youtube is currently the largest video sharing site. It’s owned by Google and increases the SEO of a website.

To get appeared in the first page of Google, you need to ensure that you use keywords in the description, tags, and title text.


Tip: posting and sharing your video on social media platforms like Facebook will also help increase SEO—which leads to more traffic to your website

Market Your YouTube Videos

Go beyond sharing videos on your website.  Ask people to share and ‘’like’’ your video in order to increase its ranking.

You can also market your videos by posting them on listing websites, Facebook channels, ,announcing them in tweets, and embedding them in company logos


Videos help sell properties like nothing else. Refer to the above tips as you market your next listing and you’ll end up with a clear, crisp, professional video (and more money too).

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