How to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

There’s no shortage of potential ways to market real estate in today’s competitive online platforms. But like any online marketing medium, attracting the right customers is increasingly becoming more challenging. Real estate agents and property owners have realized this challenge and are turning to professionals to assist maneuver the complex field of online marketing. Here are several real estate marketing strategies, which allow real estate agents to sell homes faster and more efficiently.

1. Build a Professional Website and Blog

Creating a website is as important as having a business card. Some of the main reasons for having a website include:

· A website acts as the center for your real estate business. Your website should contain all the necessary info including your contact details, bio, and a catalog of your listings.

· Grab search engine traffic. Many shoppers start their homes search online. A properly-optimized website increases your chances of attracting people searching for their dream house. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly as over 50% of internet traffic is from mobile devices.

When blogging, answer all the questions your clients throw your way and offer buyer and seller tips. Blogging is also a low cost and effective way to rank higher on google. Ensure to keep the blog fresh by updating it with new and relevant content.

2. Add Live Chat to your Website

Once you manage to drive web traffic to your site, it’s important to be there when your prospects need you the most. One of the best methods to do this is to add live chat to your website to have coverage 24/7. Live chat allows your website visitors to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. This prevents the unpopular automated menu loop common with customer service voicemails.

3. Setup Google Analytics

Real estate involves analytics and if you don’t have it installed on your website you’re losing a wealth of data. Google Analytics allows you to track all kinds of metrics that relate to your content and website’s visitors over time. This allows you to know if your efforts are bearing fruits or not.

4. Print Business Cards

Real estate marketing involves a lot of legwork. You’ll spend lots of time networking face to face with potential customers and referrals. It’s important to have a sufficient amount of business cards to dish out. Besides the basics, choose a design that stands out from the rest. Remember to carry your business cards to open houses as it gives new agents a free promotion medium for their listing.

5. Build a Free Offer

An important factor in real estate marketing online is to collect lucrative email addresses by building a free offer. Many popular real estate agents and websites have free offers that pop up a few moments after opening one of the pages. These free offers help collect email addresses.

But for users to give up their email addresses, the offer needs to be good enough and you also need to have established authority. The free offer could range from a free report to 10 tips on how to sell property online or how to restore a home and similar ideas.

6. Lead Generation and Email Marketing Campaigns

A lead generation page is a great tool for marketing real estate. Tools such as a home appraisal tool can assist in the real estate process. Once the form is completed, request to email the results to the user. Different types of real estate tools that can add value to potential buyers or sellers and results that can be sent to the user after completing the form can work here.

Using popular marketing systems such as Aweber and installing LeadPages will help you find a way to collect those lucrative email addresses and market to the users. LeadPages, for example, allows you to create landing pages that attract people, allowing you to use it to collect email addresses that will eventually market through Aweber.

7. Create Social Media Accounts

One of the best social media platforms for reaching droves of users is Instagram. It gives you the opportunity to post photos and videos of real estate or capture other relevant lifestyle images that will help you communicate your offering.

A great medium is Twitter which allows you to search Twitter hashtags to find relevant content and areas that you could try to saturate and target.

The largest medium with the highest subset of users that you can target online is still Facebook. A Facebook Business Page allows you to advertise and market your real estate business online. This is a great resource whether you’re a novice to the business or a veteran in the field.

8. Build Referrals

A simple way to boost your real estate marketing efforts online is to create a system for referrals. You can integrate this into your email signature to make it more passive instead of active. But it’s much easier to ask for a referral, more so after completing several successful transactions. You can also offer something in exchange for referrals such as an Amazon gift card or a Home Depot gift card. Whatever offer you come up with, pitch the offer in a unique way and treat all your clients in a professional manner.

9. Ask for Reviews

After a successful sale, you can ask your clients to leave a positive feedback on your website. Share these reviews on your website, in your marketing materials, and on your social media pages. Yelp is also a great medium for building your cache of reviews as a real estate agent.

10. Get Listed on Real Estate Sites

Real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor are among the first results on any real estate-related Google search. These and other websites including VIPREALTY.com allow you to list your clients’ property and generate many leads.

11. Offline Marketing

Being online is not enough. Several offline strategies still work including printed brochures, flyers, door hangers, billboards, and business cards. Be creative and make effort to stand out with great slogans with a unique punchline.

12. Telephone Marketing

Cold calling requires certain skills and personality type to do. The main aim of cold calling is to help answer questions from a prospect rather than sell yourself. Texting is another ideal way of maintaining a relationship with a potential buyer or seller. It’s as effective as sending an email if not more, as many people are likely to open their text messages in comparison to 20% of people who may open an email.

Success as a real estate agent doesn’t come overnight. It may take time and resources to achieve your goal. While there are many different ways to market yourself in the real estate sphere, these are some of the best options for newcomers.

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