Increase Sales from Your Realtor Website

We’ve been hearing for 20 years how every business needs a website. But by now we also know that you need more on your site than just your face and the business name. And in real estate, you need much more than MLS listings. Browsers have access to the MLS, they don’t need you for that. They’re coming to you for information they can’t find on their own. So when you’re looking for ways to increase sales from your website, consider delivering the goods in some of the following ways.


You need a blog. No question about it. The myth that no one reads anymore is just that. People read more than ever, they just don’t read it all in one place. You need engaging, relevant content told in 300-400 words that enlighten, inform, and entertain visitors about homeownership, things to do in the area, best sports bars, navigating a mortgage, and whatever else your visitors and potential clients want to know.


Remember the three most important points in real estate? Well in marketing, it’s video, video, video. People seek out videos for everything these days. More than half of all web content, in fact, is video. Putting video on your landing page can, according to most estimates, increase your chances of landing new business by as much as 85 percent. Video puts a highly personal touch on your content ?? it’s extremely difficult to plagiarize and lets people see and hear you before they contact you. And, though video has proven to be immensely effective, most agents aren’t doing it. Which gives those who do a major advantage.

Keep Your Site Scalable

Downtime on your site, from slow-moving, unnecessary content, can frustrate visitors and cause them to go elsewhere. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, 57 percent of visitors abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Proper maintenance of your site to keep it fresh and fast is vital. Reduce downtime by moving old content to the cloud, perhaps, or get rid of older or irrelevant content altogether. And sure to routinely test out your page speed on Google Developer.

Post Client Reviews

People like to know what other people think. If you have clients saying nice things about you, tell the world. If visitors see kind words about you ?? and if these kind words seem authentic ?? you can expect more people to take their word for it. But remember the caveat ?? be authentic. Don’t make up reviews, or you’ll be branded a liar. And no one wants to do business with a liar.

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