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At its most basic, content marketing sounds painfully easy. You write brilliant content full of SEO keywords, publish it in your blog, and let the internet share it with the world. At it’s most realistic, of course, content marketing is more like this: Write up your brilliant content, publish it to your blog, and then pound on your desk in frustration that no one is even reading it, much less linking to it.

To build your brand and your business, you absolutely need others to link to your content. How do I do that, you ask? Read on:


Fill the Void

It’s easy to think that all the pros in any industry, whether real estate or IT, have all the bases covered when it comes to giving the public information. But there are always holes in the information bubble. Somewhere in the thicket of content about upscale home sales or hot new trends in urban living is a subject or area that isn’t being discussed. Study existing popular content and look for what is not being talked about. Take the approach Soviet scientists used all the way back in World War II, when they noticed that all talk of atomic research had suddenly disappeared from all American scientific journals. By paying attention to what was missing, scientists in the USSR gleaned that American scientists had figured out how to harness atomic power, and we all know that it wasn’t long before the Soviet Union had the bomb too. By paying DFW FBattention to what isn’t being said, you can fill the void of information that your clients and prospects want and need.

Follow the Lead of Popular Content

Motivational guru Tony Robbins recommends that to attain the kind of success you most want, find a person who is already in the place you want to be and follow that person’s steps to how he got there. Creating popular content online works in a similar way. Rather than take blind shots at what you think might work, find popular content on sites relevant to your own and write your own, similar content that will show your clients and prospects how much you know and likely catch the eye of the ever-elusive SEO gods.  Finding popular content is easier with some free web search tools, such as Crawlytics, which can search a whole domain (say the Huffington Post) and rank the most popular content and the authors who wrote the pieces. Reddit is another excellent way to find popular content and study niches within niches within niches.

Real Estate BloggerShare Your Content with Other Bloggers

The most amazing tool for getting anything out of your business is to ask. It’s startling how often people will say yes if you simply ask them if they’d be interested in doing something. When it comes to promoting your real estate content, you could make a lot of headway and generate lots of hits to your website by simply asking other bloggers if they’d be willing to let you guest-post on their own sites (and offer them the same in return, of course). Many will be glad to let you post, and if you offer content with links back to your own website, you will expose yourself to a whole new audience. And every new reader is a new potential client for your business.

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