Understand the Needs of Home Buyers

In real estate, like any other business, you’ve got to give the people what they want. Key to doing that, of course, is understanding what buyers need when they’re looking for a new home.

At heart, buyers need information. They need knowledge and expertise, and they need to know that when they ask questions, someone with the best answer is right there for them.

These days, buyers find an awful lot of basic information on a home website. This is where they check out prices, taxes, crime statistics for the neighborhood, square footage, and other measurable things about a place. But any real estate agent worth his salt knows that “home” is not measured entirely in measurable things. So understanding what buyers want starts with knowing that they want to be swept away.


Learn to anticipate what your clients will want. This begins by paying attention to what they’re telling you. Say, for example, your client works in the city and wants to live in the country. You could start piecing together homes that offer easy access to major highways or train stations, but are far enough removed from the clatter of city life to provide that needed safe harbor after a long day.

Or maybe your client loves being in the yard. You could search and compile properties with yards that would make great gardens, or have plenty of room for building a playground for the kids.



People respect warts-and-all assessments from professionals. Don’t be afraid to let buyers know that the houses they want to look at are near a fire station or an airport, where noise will always be around. In fact, you telling them upfront what issues they might face will make you more trustworthy to them and will cut off any chance of buyers coming back to you in a few months to ask why you never informed them of something.

 Ask why

“Why?” is the world’s greatest question, because you can’t answer a why question in one word. Asking why provides reasons, and reasons are information. Why does someone want to live in the city? Because they need to be close to work. Or because they want to be where the action is after work. Why does someone want a fixer-upper? Because they want to create a home. Or because they want to invest. Knowing answers to why questions give you a powerful amount of information that allows you to know and understand your clients’ needs.

Use technology

Buyers who save searches create a browsing history of areas and properties. Searching through these treasure troves of information shows you exactly what your buyer wants, and gives you ways to help. Knowing where a buyer wants to go puts you in position to look into schools, houses of worship, community details, amenities, and all the other things buyers want to know about an area. Do some legwork, learn the neighborhood, and show your clients what they want and need to know before they even ask.

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