No Lead Phone Number? No Problem

Selling real estate two decades ago was almost impossible if you didn’t have a lead’s phone number. The best you could have was someone’s postal address as the age of emails had not yet dawned.

“Do not call” regulations also reduced the effectiveness of cold calling. Call screening was the exception twenty years ago – now it’s the rule! The fact that your call will enter voicemail doesn’t mean the prospect is not a lead, especially if it came from a lead generation service.

If a lead doesn’t provide a phone number, be patient. The lead could be early in the home buying or selling process. Here are several options you can consider if you cannot get your leads on phone:

1. Make Google your Friend

A business owner will most likely receive calls from customers and suppliers all the time. “Do Not Call” regulations don’t apply to business phone numbers. If you call them at work they have to pick as it could be a customer call. An email, first and last names, phone numbers and social media profiles can reveal valuable information about a lead. But be cognizant of the info you find.

2. Prepare your Scripts

Prepare yourself to connect on every possible channel, with different types of leads. Such scripts include email scripts, social media scripts, and physical address postcards.

3. Find them on Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter have tonnes of valuable information. Once you connect with a prospect on Facebook, you can call through directly via the Facebook app. Before you call someone, study his or her profile and search for a common ground to introduce yourself.

4. Drip Marketing Campaigns

Adding leads to your CRM and drip marketing campaigns will capture their attention over an extended period. They may not be ready, but chances are they know someone who is seeking to buy or sell a house and set you up for a referral. They may not be ready to transact today, but they could be ready to connect a few months later. Drip campaigns will keep you relevant.

5. What’s their Search Criteria?

Modern web tools can enable you to know how a lead landed on your page, and the page they left to. Such intel will allow you to connect and tailor information and listings that match their search criteria and inquiries.

6. Prepare Different Content

A prospect may not be ready for a hard sell. But they may be ready to consider different types of information. They include:

  • Pros and cons of mortgages
  • Best rated schools in the city
  • Tips for relocating to the area
  • The benefits of a pre-listing home inspection

Segment Your Messaging

Always segment your messaging. In case a lead provides information showing the lead is interested in listing their house for sale, such a scenario demands different messaging such as:

  • How to prepare your house for sale
  • Best time of the year to sell your house
  • How to get the best price for your home
  • Home staging tips
  • The importance of a Real Estate agent in home sales
  • Characteristics of a good Real Estate agent
  • How to sell your house fast

You can also come up with other messaging based on certain circumstances. For example, if you find a prospect on Facebook and discover he or she is a professional athlete, you have a base to create a rapport and can include information on luxury home deals. The contextual clues will help you tell if you are dealing with a luxury or budget home shopper. Once you do your due diligence on the prospect, you’ll be able to create categories that work within your market.

You can have email templates for different types of leads such as:

  • Luxury buyers or sellers
  • Millennials and young families
  • Retirees or empty nesters

A drip marketing plan will help you target each category. To avoid confusion, keep your categories to a minimum- at least three or four.

You Need a Phone Number

Leads with phone numbers are stronger as they trust you enough to give you the number. It’s common for people to reject a lead capture tool that requires a phone number for completion. If it’s a requirement, many include fake phone numbers and phony names.

One study discovered that over 35% of site visitors reject a lead capture site when a phone number is mandatory for completion. But when the phone number opt-in is optional, the visit-to-capture ratio doubled, from 40 percent to over 80 percent. Another study discovered demanding a phone number on a lead capture page reduced conversions by almost a third.

At the end of the day, always value every lead you come across, with or without a phone number. They are an asset and if you view them otherwise, your competitor will be glad to engage and take their business. Come up with a strategy to engage your leads on both email and social media, then perfect your plan.

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