How to Achieve Open House Success

It’s always debatable whether open houses are an effective way to market a property. However, chances are the people who say open houses are not an effective marketing tool likely never put the time and effort into ensuring they are successful. As such, here are a few tips for ensuring your next open house is a success:

Turn to the Internet

Get the word out about your open house by advertising it on the Internet. Realtor.com, for example, has a great area that allows buyers in your area to check out all of the open houses. It also has maps and directions to each open house property to make it easier on the buyer.

Make sure your real estate website has your open house listed, as well, and always make sure your property is expertly listed and includes beautiful photographs that really show off the property in its best light. A professional presentation is key when getting the word out about your property, so consider putting your open house brochure on the Internet.

Because the vast majority of serious buyers turn to the Internet, you cannot afford to overlook advertising your open house on the Internet!

Get the word out the obvious way.

Yep, we’re referring to the old “open house” sign. It’s effective and it’s cheap. So take a few minutes to shove a sign in the front yard and then around the neighborhood.  Be sure to place the sign in the yard at least a week before the open house, including the date and time on the sign.

Get the property in order.

The best way to ensure the property is open house ready, ask the sellers to make sure it is neat and clean and remove as many items as possible that “personalize” the home. In other words, when buyers walk through your property, they want to envision themselves in the home, and it’s hard to do that when they are staring at family photos on the wall.

Other things to remember to pass onto your homeowners: Close the toilet lids; clear the sink of all dishes; remove the shoes from the foyer; and hide the kids’ toys behind the couch.

Encourage the homeowners to leave the property – and take their pets with them.

There’s nothing that dampens the mood of a successful open house than a wandering homeowner and his dog. An open house should be a time when interested buyers feel comfortable ambling about the home, enjoying the details and talking amongst each other, and a present homeowner can make buyers feel uncomfortable and unlikely to stick around for a while.

Further, make sure your homeowner understands that not everyone loves pets (some people are even afraid of them), so it is always a good idea to come up with a solution to remove the pets during an open house. With this in mind, it is also important to hide pet bowls and kitty litter boxes, as well.

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