Real Estate Lead Follow Up Guidelines

There’s an old saying that the winner is the one who just hangs on a little longer. That’s actually true, especially in lead follow-ups. How often have you heard about someone giving up on a lead because the person never called back? And usually, the non-callback was after just one call to that lead in the first place.

The key to following up on leads and converting leads to clients is (drum roll) persistence. Nobody really likes to pester people because nobody really likes to be pestered, but you have to have some persistence when it comes to follow-ups.

For one thing, you don’t know why the person never called you back the first time around. Maybe they’re thinking it over, sure. But maybe they just didn’t see your email (you could have been spammed if your email has a word the lead’s email filtered out). Or maybe they saw your email but haven’t had a chance to reply.

And a lot of people are well-meaning and will want to get back to you, but they get busy and forget. And everyone knows there are enough distractions to take anyone’s attention away, never to return. So persistence is key.

A basic to keep in mind is something Matthew Ferrara & Co. reported on not too long ago ?? your chances of connecting after one try are only about 39 percent. They’re 87 percent after a second try. And they’re as much as 93 percent on the sixth. But to do it right (as in, to not pester), measure what you say and when you say it.

Step 1: When you get word of a new lead (likely through an auto-generator), send a basic greeting with your photo and contact info. Introduce yourself with an offer to help and leave it at that. To make this work even better for you, have it set up as an auto-response.

Step 2: Before you re-contact your lead, check their account to see where they’re looking and what they’re looking for. You can put together an email update that will contain the most relevant information. If they haven’t set up their own daily email update, set one up for them with the relevant search criteria.

Step 3: Send your updates. Send them once a day and let the information do the talking for you. If you’re persistent with relevant info, you will have two major advantages. One, you’ve shown you’re paying attention to what the person wants, and two, your competitors have probably by now hung their heads and said “They never got back to me.”

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Lead Conversion

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