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Real Estate Lead Follow Up Plan – Be a Top Producer

I want to share some real statistics and ideas that will help to take the mystery out of real estate lead conversion rates and some things that may help you to improve yours.

There’s an old saying that the winner is the one who just hangs on a little longer. That’s actually true, especially in lead follow-ups. How often have you heard about someone giving up on a lead because the person never called back? And usually, the non-callback was after just one call to that lead in the first place.

Step One – Call

Once you receive a lead, call them within 5 – 10 minutes. If you can have the information your lead requested, and more that’s a bonus but never let it stop you from calling them as fast as possible. (You have access to our scripts on the training section)

Step Two – Set Up on Home Search

Why do prospects visit your website? To look at MLS listings, so send them what they want.  ( Send via the websites cms. Look at the history and then create a saved search. Set to daily)

Step 3 – Email

Every email that comes in should get a video email so the prospect can put a face to the name. We don’t want to send canned emails. We won’t to be different that all the other Realtors. ( use email templates located in the drop-down)

Step 4 – Texting

Here are a couple of examples.

Hi [insertnamehere], it’s Richard with VIP Realty. I wanted to email you some listings. Any specific neighborhoods you want to browse?

Hi [insertnamehere], thanks for registering on our website. How can I help you with your search?

Post-Call Attempt:

Hi [insertnamehere], thanks for registering on I tried to give you a call, but I’m sure you’re super busy. Let me know how I can help in your home search!

Step 4 – Call Again

If real estate is about location, location, location, lead nurturing is about follow up, follow up, follow up.


Use Different Contact Formats

It’s as simple as it sounds. Use more than one way reach out. Email, phone, text, social, it’s all on the table.

The goal is to touch prospects in different ways in order to stay top of mind and stand out from the competition

Set Up Reminders

You can’t just call once! Use the CRM to setup reminders of future call dates, emails, texts, etc. You have the best technology at your fingertips, take advantage of VIP Realty’s systems. They’re in place to HELP YOU EARN MORE MONEY!!!