Real Estate Link Building: A Beginners Guide

We’ve all heard about the importance of link building in our marketing strategies. But what is link building? And how do you do it.

Have no fear, it’s not complicated. You just need to take some time to do it with the rest of your marketing activities.

What Link Building Is

Link building refers to acquiring hyperlinks ?? those highlighted words or web addresses you see in blogs and stories ?? from other websites to your own. This helps visitors navigate from one page to the next, say from your homepage to your contact page, without having to type in URLs or go searching for a button to push, and gets your content shared. A link building campaign means trying to increase links to your website.

Creating a Link Building Campaign

The first step in a link building campaign is to know what you want to accomplish. Do you want to drive more traffic to your info page? Promote the entire company? The right links can rank your page higher in search engine listings and, thus drive more traffic to your page. But the “right” links mean knowing what you want to link to ?? and that should always be content that increases your business in a positive way.

When creating your strategy, consider the pages you want your visitors to jump to from where they are. You want them to see your homepage, your products and services, and pages that offer special deals or further information. And this often begins by asking yourself who you want to visit these pages and who would care enough to link you up on their own pages. Content goes viral when people want other people to see it, and great content compels people to say “You have to see this.” So what pages, what information, what pieces of your site are the types of things others would share and reference that will lead people directly to you?

Making People Care Enough To Share

You need engaging content to make people care. Period. In other words, you need a hook. Something that makes them want to spread your page around. You can offer news, humor, opinions, contests, or appeals to lifestyle ?? which already is a mainstay of any agent’s business. Remember, you don’t sell houses, you sell homes. To find the right people, consider where your target reader/sharer is online ?? MLS sites, sites that discuss school districts and neighborhoods, home lifestyle sites, Facebook, and so on.

Perhaps a better bet is to find bloggers with whom you can share content. A guest post on another site brings you the benefits of that site’s marketing and traffic ?? and a lot of their regular visitors can discover (and share) your content. Certainly, there’s work involved and more to it than this brief intro mentions. But don’t be intimidated by the idea of link building.

Once you get the hang of it, link building can bring you great new business and great new contacts.

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