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Real Estate Career Options

VIP Realty agents are top-producers in their field. Their expertise in the areas of residential real estate, commercial real estate and apartment leasing is unmatched, thereby providing clients with the best service in the business. As a VIP Realty agent, you will likely want to focus your career on a particular area of the real estate industry:


If you enjoy the thrill of buying a new home, helping first-time homebuyers achieve their home-buying dreams, or helping homeowners get the most cash for their homes, you may be best suited to specialize in residential real estate. Guiding and educating home buyers and sellers through the intricacies of the real estate process is the primary responsibility of a residential real estate expert, and is one that often results in a considerable amount of pride and satisfaction.



As a commercial real estate expert, you will understand the needs of today’s businesses, and you will work closely with businesses to ensure they are achieving strategic goals and meeting their bottom line. Whether its office, retail or industrial space, today’s commercial clients are looking for an agent who will have a firm understanding of local leasing conditions and will possess the tools necessary to negotiate a favorable lease or real estate transaction.


Apartment Locating

If you are an agent who specializes in apartment locating services, your role in the real estate industry is likely an important one. From business professionals looking for a short-term lease to the young adult striking out on his own, the apartment locating market is a dynamic and swiftly moving one that requires an expert in the field who is up for a challenge.