REALTORS, What Value Are You Adding?

Maybe you have social media down pat. Maybe you make the rounds at networking functions. Maybe you’re up-to-date on prospecting and client call-backs.

But what else do you bring to the table? Success as a real estate agent is as much in the intangibles as it is in the mechanics. If clients and leads recognize that you know more than just which properties are for sale, if you can offer them valuable information for their lives beyond their home search, you will be one client-rich agent.

Local Analysis

Your website and/or newsletter, and even your general emails to clients can include a healthy helping of local and neighborhood information. If a client is looking for something just outside the downtown center, what can you tell him about the neighborhood ?? property values? Crime stats? Emerging areas? City government decisions? The list of locally focused items is rather expansive, and just because it’s out there for everyone to find, don’t assume everyone is reading it. Update your clients and leads regularly. You might just help them identify their ideal place ?? and their favorite agent.

Fun Facts

Don’t just bog your clients down in analyses. People don’t buy houses to live in, they buy homes. They want to know how they can live in an area. So tell them. Identify some great pizza shops in the neighborhood. Take a look at nightlife. Offer your opinions on the Cowboys (because everyone has one, whether they follow the Cowboys or not). It not only helps them understand the grand picture, it reminds them that you’re a person, not just an agent.

Local Services

One of the biggest stressors for people moving to a new area is finding new versions of professionals they’ve liked and used for years. Finding a new mechanic, new doctor, new plumber ?? these are real, at-home concerns. Providing a list or an occasional look at some of the best professionals in the area can help movers see where they can get help when it’ll be needed.

Home Improvement

Don’t forget about the humble home improvement and lifestyle tips. People love ideas for home décor (let us refer you to Pinterest if you don’t believe us), gardening, and design. But they also love DIY tips for hanging gutters, painting the porch, and picking out a new stove. Don’t disappoint them.

Community Resources

Like your look at professional services, consider letting homebuyers know of valuable community service organizations in the neighborhood they want. These can be outreach centers or houses of worship or free parks where the kids can play. Anything you think you’d like to know about your area, homebuyers want to know about theirs. So bring the value ?? show them what they’d otherwise be missing.

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