Sizzling Hot, Lead Generation Ideas (For Realtors) To Keep Those Leads Coming In

real estate leadsTake it or leave it, lead generation is paramount to a realtor’s success.

If you’re not generating leads as you should, it means  you’re not devoting time to lead generation.

Devoting  2-3 hours per day to lead generation, can shoot up your sales, and  help you stay at  the top of your company’s sales stats.

If you want to have a rewarding real estate career, then you must be ready to become an ‘’apostle of lead generation’’.

Without mincing words, here are 2 of our best lead generation techniques that can keep those leads coming in.

Get On Facebook

real estate social mediaFacebook is an amazing phenomenon that just won’t quit.

It’s the largest social media platform on planet earth and it continues to grow quickly.

It’s a dynamic platform to push your business.

You can easily open and keep conversations going by creating a Facebook business page.

Offer advice and ask a lot of questions to stimulate and spark up conversations.

If you’d like to generate leads using Facebook then you must remember this:

Do not talk about real estate all the time. When selling a home, it’s not about you but about T.H.E.M.

Post pictures, about new buildings or about your recent vacation!  It could be anything.

Just post things you think will spark up comments and conversations.

Try to post things that your prospects will be interested in.

Keep it 70% personal and 30% business

Post pictures of new buildings or community halls around your area. Make your page a go-to-resource for people around your area.

Tip: Give value.

Stay in Touch With Your Database

By  now, your database should be full of past clients and people you’ve recently met.

Call them frequently.

Stay in touch with them.  Real estate is  about diligence. If you’re not diligent enough, you won’t make it! So, make sure to call through your database frequently. At least,  once a quarter.

Tip: follow up each call with a personal note thanking them and letting them know how much you appreciate them. Show you care. Let them know you’re always there if they have any questions or challenges about real estate.

Your turn

There you have it. Great tips to keep those leads coming in!

Are you willing to step up and commit yourself to lead generation?

GET BUSY. Come up with a killer plan and get at it.

To your real estate success!

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