Stay Ahead of Your Competitors With Real Estate Video

You know the old axiom that the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location. But if there’s a new axiom for real estate marketing these days, it might just be video, video, and video.VIP Realty Videos

More than 9 out of 10 homebuyers use the internet when looking for homes. And while close to that number use agents, a 2013 study by Google and the National Association of Realtors showed that the typical homebuyer spends three weeks browsing online content before ever calling an agent.

So when it’s time for a buyer to contact an agent, who are they going to contact? Well, that same Google/NAR study shows that, overwhelmingly, buyers want to see video. So will these buyers be calling you, with your static web page, or the agent across town who knows how to operate a solid video marketing campaign?

According to NAR, 85 percent of buyers and sellers prefer to work with agents who use video. And yet, this same study shows that a mere 15 percent of agents actually use it. Even though YouTube and most smartphones, tablets, and laptop these days make it painfully easy to record and publish videos from anywhere.

If you’re not using video, you’re missing out big. Some studies have shown that the very presence of video on an agent’s site increased inquiries by more than 400 percent. Not views, inquiries. Actual questions from prospects who want to know more and perhaps buy or sell. And video sticks in the memories of those who’ve seen it. The Online Publishers Association reports that 80 percent of viewers remember what they’ve seen in videos they find online, compared to relatively few browsers who remember what they’ve seen by just looking at listings and photos.

If you have a solid email marketing campaign (and you certainly should), video greatly increases the odds of someone opening and even saving your email. Also,  marketing automation firm Eloqua, reports that video in emails actually reduces opt-outs from email subscribers by a whopping 75 percent.

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So what are you waiting for? If you want to stand out to your clients and prospects, you can’t afford to be camera shy.

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