Three Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Generating leads isn’t the complicated process some agents fear. In fact, you can accomplish a lot and put yourself in the upper deck in sales at your brokerage with an hour of lead-generating work a day and a basic understanding of where to look for new prospects.

Walk Your Beat

It’s easy to get swept up in technology and forget about the old-school method of simply talking to people. But take a tip from successful journalists and police officers. The professionals who are best at these kinds of jobs know that they need to be out in the community, walking their beat, talking to people. Let the people in your areas know your name and what you do. Invite them to open houses when you land new listings ?? and let them know when you close a deal. If you keep your name in everyone’s minds that you can sell homes in a particular neighborhood, those looking to sell in that neighborhood will think of you first.

But Yes, Use Social Media

The strongest relations may be built in person, but don’t overlook the fact that even close friends often prefer to stay in touch through Facebook. Cultivate a solid network of friends in your area and keep them apprised of your dealings and activities. And, as you would in person, take an interest in their lives. Comment on their activities and engage them in conversations. Offer advice and answer questions. The trick is, patience and persistence. Just like networking at a chamber of commerce luncheon once will not make you successful overnight, chatting and building your name on Facebook will not generate new leads immediately. Also remember the 80/20 rule. Only 20 percent of what you post on Facebook should be purely business, else people will think of you as merely a billboard. Tell them about you and let them know interesting things about their communities, and you will make friends and generate great leads.

Look Through Your Contacts

Back in the Analog Age, agents used flip-card Roldexes and paper notebooks to keep names, numbers and relevant bits of data on their clients. Whether you still use paper and ink or a digital index file, your contacts list is a goldmine of new leads. How so? Well, think about how long you’ve been in business and how many clients you helped find or sell a property. How long ago was it that you helped Mr. and Mrs. Jones find a starter home? Have they had kids since? Gotten better jobs? Do they want to move up to a bigger house? Or downsize to a more efficient space? Stay in touch with your contacts by going through your whole database, on average, once per quarter. See how they’re doing in their new pad. See how the kids are coming along at college.

The thing to remember is, do a little a day. An hour of lead generation at the beginning or end of the day adds up quickly, and you can build many new leads without it taking over the rest of your day.

by | May 23, 2014 | Lead Generation

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