Tips for New Real Estate Agents in 2015

Whatever has brought you to the real estate profession, welcome. Here’s a few tips to help make your new career a long and prosperous one.

Be Nice to Everyone

Yes, my fellow agent, it starts as simply as that. Real estate is chock full of bores and louts and cutthroats, but not many of them build good careers. You’re in sales, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for nice. In fact, your clients and prospects will appreciate it immensely. Seriously, there is no substitute for kindness. Practice it, for your clients, for your colleagues, and for yourself. You’ll be amazed how far it gets you.

Be Respectful

Related, treat everyone with respect. Listen (really listen) when clients and colleagues talk. Respect others’ positions. Help newbies like yourself, or struggling colleagues who need a hand. Build a solid work ethic and be actually ethical. Don’t badmouth others or discuss private business. People catch on quickly to disrespectful, rude agents, and those don’t usually get very far.

Be Self-motivated

A career in real estate is a team sport in most ways. We all rely on colleagues for everything from motivation to professional guidance. But the truth is, for all the team playing, at the end of the day, you are in business for yourself. You need to keep motivated for and by yourself. Do the legwork. Make the calls. Drum up the leads. Shake those hands. Take it upon yourself to enroll in company training programs and take online refreshers. No matter how many people you work with, your business is really all up to you.

Prepare for Trouble

Your career won’t entirely collapse on you overnight, but you will encounter setbacks. All the stars will line up for a perfect deal and poof! It will vanish in a blink. It happens to all of us. The key is preparation. Have numerous leads at hand and always work as if you don’t have any guaranteed deals. Because you don’t. On a related note, don’t live month-to-month based on your salad months. Save for when things get lean. How will you know if you’re just starting out?

Keep Track of Your Progress

You won’t have a track record to start, but you’ll build one fast. Keep an eye on how you’re doing ?? the closings, the number of leads, the percentage of leads you convert to contracts, and so on. Knowing this stuff will give you information to learn from later, and information like this is up to you to track.


Remember how basic “be nice” sounded? Well, guilty, this one is just as basic. But it’s no less important. To be successful in real estate, you must remember to rest. Don’t work yourself for twice as many hours as you’re really capable of doing. Without some rest and time away from work, you’ll burn out, and that will be the story of your career.

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