VIP Realty’s Agent Services

VIP Realty is the premier name in Texas real estate, and it’s no secret that our agents are some of the top-producing professionals in the real estate business.

Our agents are superior and the services we provide our agents are unmatched. If you are a Texas real estate agent, or if you have aspirations to enter the real estate market and begin a career in real estate, you may wonder which real estate firm will best help you realize your career goals.

When researching real estate companies and deciding which one best fits your professional aspirations, consider just some of the benefits of joining the VIP Realty team:

Strong Internet Presence

It may seem like all Texas real estate companies have a strong Internet presence these days, but that is simply not the case. A quick Google search for Texas real estate (try searching for Highland Park real estate or Dallas real estate, for example), and you will find that many real estate companies are absent from the search results. VIP Realty’s dominant position in all the major search engines, on the other hand, allows our firm to come way out ahead in terms of Internet presence. In today’s market, where it is estimated that nearly 90 percent of buyers begin their home search online, a strong Internet presence equals an unprecedented number of leads, which are passed directly onto our agents.

Best Chance of Success

As an agent, your best chance of success in the real estate market is support from your real estate firm. Other companies may promise great resources for their agents, but the fact is that very few deliver. VIP Realty, however, boasts the best realtor sites available. Our quality websites, which feature custom MLS IDX feeds, are search-engine friendly. Combined that with the professional guidance from VIP Realty and you can be certain you will soon begin to use our websites to their fullest potential.

Quality Leads

As an agent – particularly as a new agent – you will likely want to work for a real estate brokerage that provides you with quality leads. However, many agents have found that few leads are actually provided by the brokerage company (despite promises to the contrary), and the few leads they do receive have been recycled over and over again. VIP Realty has a strong reputation for providing our agents will quality leads, thereby allowing them to become some of the most successful agents in the Texas real estate business.

Considere Visible

Before signing on with a real estate brokerage, consider the company’s Internet presence and its presence on the radio and on television. VIP Realty is, without a doubt, one of the most highly visible real estate companies in Texas. Our successful radio campaigns, as well as our television commercials on some of the most watched stations (e.g., Fox News, Food Network and Bravo) have allowed us to maintain our status as Texas’ premier real estate firm. As a realtor for VIP Realty, you can be sure you won’t hear, “Who do you work for again?” Breaking away from the white noise of traditional real estate brokerage companies allows our agents to excel like never before.

Customized Commisions

VIP Realty believes that agent commission plans shouldn’t be “one size fits all” deals. In other words, your commission plan (and the guidance and support you desire from a real estate brokerage) will depend on a number of factors, and commission plans should reflect this. Instead of buying into static commission plans that don’t take into consideration different agent needs and circumstances, take a closer look at our customized agent commission structure and see how it can benefit your real estate business — and ultimately your success in the real estate field.

Start and Grow Your Real Estate Career With Us

Agents are discovering VIP Realty’s unique approach to systems, lead generation, branding and client retention. And, of course, there is our online leads system – as many as you can handle (and no cold calling EVER). Whether you’re a newcomer to real estate or a veteran who wants to grow your business, VIP Realty’s proven career building practices and in-house support system are sure to help you achieve success!