Walk the Dog and Build Your Leads

Here’s something a lot of people don’t stop to realize ?? dogs like to work. Our four-legged friends take endless pleasure in helping us out and never mind letting us put them to work for us.

So it’s not too far a stretch to think of said four-legged friends as business partners. For one thing, they’re charming. Just take your dog for a walk and count the number of people who want to come over and pet her and say hello. When we’re out strolling the neighborhood, our dogs are perhaps nature’s most natural attention-getters. And, let’s face it, we trust people who have nice, friendly dogs.

So what does this have to do with your real estate marketing strategy? Well, re-read that last paragraph and notice a few salient points ??dogs are naturally charming, people notice them and want to come say hi, and people trust people with friendly dogs. Now, imagine getting those people to come visit you and your companion, especially to read what’s written on the dog’s vest.

Savvy agents like Rob Feldman of Henderson, Nevada, know that their best business partners are their pets. Feldman places a vest for Realty One Group on his dog, Chloe, and meets tons of new dog-loving leads who can’t resist coming over to meet her. When someone sees the what’s written on the vest, Feldman simply hands them his business card and such is the start of yet another new business relationship. Read the full story here.

Feldman also uses Chloe’s cuteness to promote events like open houses. Has the strategy closed any sales yet? Well, no, but being a real estate professional, you know how long it takes for deals to come to fruition, and Feldman and Chloe have only been at it a few months.

Moreover, the point is not to merely use your best friend as a billboard, but to recognize that there are creative ways to make new leads and meet new people. Marketing your business, after all, is not only supposed to happen on social media sites or through email marketing. Sometimes it’s a matter of putting your feet on the pavement. All six of them, even.

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Lead Conversion

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