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Career in Real Estate

A career in Real Estate can be a highly successful venture or a complete failure. What often separates those who succeed in this business and those who struggle are knowledge and guidance. We know our success depends on your success and we are highly committed to ensuring your real estate career path is paved with continuous guidance and support.

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Real Estate Leads

As a REALTOR, are you left to fend for yourself? Are the real estate leads provided by your real estate firm slim to none? Do you feel as if you’ve been left out to dry by your Broker?

If so, then you owe it to yourself to discover why Agents with VIP Realty have become Top Producers in the industry. VIP Realty believes that a relationship between an Agent and his or her Real Estate Company should be a mutually beneficial one; a relationship that only works when both sides of the equation work together to achieve a goal.

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Commission Plans

We are dedicated to more than paying agents high commissions. VIP Realty is designed to give the agents full control of their business and comes with unparalleled broker support. Broker & office staff can be reached 24/7 to help you.

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Cutting-edge Technology

We do the legwork to ensure your career with VIP Realty is driven by outstanding exposure.

We accomplish this goal through a number of avenues and through the power of the Internet.

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VIP Realty is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive training to ensure you have the knowledge and know-how to begin building a successful career.

We focus our high-quality training tools and education on the most effective sales techniques, sales trends and marketing strategies, all of which are offered through online classes or through our state-of-the-art real estate training classrooms.

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What Makes Us Different

With years of experience helping Realtors just like yourself, we know how to generate leads and provide the best tools and resources. It’s our job to know about the latest technologies and branding tools — so that you don’t have to Vist our Dallas, Austin, San Antonio or Houston Office today.


Start and Grow Your Real Estate Career With Us

Agents are discovering VIP Realty’s unique approach to systems, lead generation, branding and client retention. And, of course, there is our online leads system – as many as you can handle (and no cold calling EVER). Whether you’re a newcomer to real estate or a veteran who wants to grow your business, VIP Realty’s proven career building practices and in-house support system are sure to help you achieve success!

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