There is no better time to KICKSTART your real estate career
and no better firm through which to do it.

Realtor Training

Although much of your success as a VIP Realty agent will depend on your perseverance and commitment, VIP Realty is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive training to ensure you have the knowledge and know-how to begin building a successful career.Real Estate Training

We focus our high-quality training tools and education on the most effective sales techniques, sales trends and marketing strategies, all of which are offered through online classes or through our state-of-the-art real estate training classrooms.

Each month we provide three to six formal classes that guide agents on topics such as negotiation strategies and social media marketing. Our real estate professional trainers oversee these classes, thereby providing our agents with the knowledge necessary to experience only the most success in their real estate career endeavors.

In addition to our highly successful training program, VIP Realty offers an innovative Mentorship Program that teams some our most successful and top-producing agents with our new agents to provide extensive hands-on training. Our Mentorship Program allows our new agents to take the knowledge they gained from our training programs and apply it in the field, with the help of an established agent.


Simply put, the training and guidance provided by VIP Realty is unparalleled in an industry where real estate firms expect performance from their agents, yet do little to put them on a path to success. If you want to learn the ins and outs of the real estate industry by seasoned professionals who have become leaders in their field, it is time to join the VIP Realty team and watch your career reach new heights.